Me on Monday | 6 March

It was a week of colder weather, small wins and brunches.

  • Lunch in town with a friend was rearranged
  • I met with the jeweller to confirm how my engagement ring can become wearable again
  • I went to The Boy’s Parent/Teacher meeting
  • The Boy went to Work Experience
  • School was closed for a day due to strike action
  • We went our for brunch
  • We met my sister-in-love to walk our dogs and have brunch
  • I FaceTimed with our oldest friends to try and arrange getting together

6 thoughts on “Me on Monday | 6 March

  1. A scrumptious looking brunch. That is really good news about your engagement ring. Rotating strikes by the teachers is certainly bothersome – is online an alternative? I imagine many fuming parents at having to re-think their work day.

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