Let’s Sit and Have a Cup of Tea | March 2023

Flower stall at Battersea

Well, hello, and thanks so much for joining me for a cup of tea. I am hoping that March is a good month for us, after all the general busyness of February.

I can probably rustle up a biscuit or two to go with your tea – a Rich Tea makes for a good dunker. Although I have to admit that I have given up biscuits for Lent, so don’t let me anywhere near them.

How are you? How have you been? Isn’t it lovely to see signs of Spring everywhere and realise that moving onto British Summer Time is coming ever closer.

The Boy continues to enjoy his work experience very much and the feedback we are receiving is so positive. He even featured on the company’s Instagram feed this past week as part of their Staff Profile series. 🙂 He also has a booking to DJ at the school disco later this term. He is definitely finishing secondary school on a high!

My visit to New York City is happening shortly and I am obsessively tracking the weather. Snow is forecast for the week of my visit, so I have everything crossed that it doesn’t delay my flight. At least packing will be straight forward –  nothing but layers, my dog walking boots and parka. Have I mentioned that The Boy is bidding for NYC as our Summer destination? I’m game, but we still need to persuade The Brainy One it’s a good idea.

Goodness, look at the time and yet again, I seem to have done all the talking! I promise to be a better listener next time we meet.

This post has been brought to you in association with Deb’s invitation to share a cup of tea.

4 thoughts on “Let’s Sit and Have a Cup of Tea | March 2023

  1. How spooky that we have both mentioned biscuits in our posts today!
    I’m so pleased that TB is having such a good time at the moment, he is definitely a very confident young man 🙂
    Have fun in NY – I think layers is definitely the way to go. Looking forward to seeing the photos on your return!

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  2. Thank you for tea, no thank you to biscuits. March is nutrition month & I am really trying to focus on good healthy habits & alas biscuits are not part of that. Although I do tend to focus on the denial feature about biscuits … see too much focus on biscuits. (col)
    Wonderful news that TB is having such a stellar end of secondary school time. How fun for you to be readying yourself for a trip. Now look at the time … thanks again for the tea.

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