Kyiv Road | London’s Notting Hill

To mark one year since the invasion and in an act of solidarity with Ukraine, London’s Westminster City Council has renamed one of its roads. Part of Bayswater Road in W2, between Palace Court and Ossington Street, is now named ‘Kyiv Road’ after the Ukrainian capital.

Adam Hug, leader of Westminster City Council, explained the change: “Westminster is home to Ukrainians displaced by the war, and our residents have opened their hearts and their doors to those fleeing Putin’s war machine. It’s a small stretch of road, but we want to show the people of Ukraine that their struggle has a visible place in our city.”

Our Ukrainian friends gave us the small flag and after I had texted them a photo and the words “Slava Ukraini!”, they texted back, “Heroyam Slava!”

Glory to Ukraine. Glory to our heroes.

And the best thing about the road’s renaming is that Kyiv Road is now opposite the Russian Embassy.

4 thoughts on “Kyiv Road | London’s Notting Hill

  1. I like it. Well done London. It’s so sad to think all of this is necessary. Winston Churchill was right how many years ago? … he didn’t trust the deals with Russia then, we certainly can’t now. Is there still a diploma in residence in the embassy? Glory to Ukraine / Slava Ukraini
    This past weekend the rally in Toronto in support of Ukraine, I was quite proud of our PM, he handled one particular nasty heckler in the crowd with a quick & to the point reply. Side note, this heckler is well known in Canada as he was part of the shut down in Ottawa last year. I’ll say no more.

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    1. The Russian Embassy is still fully staffed, I believe … we may have waved at their CCTV cameras … many years ago, in relation to Russia, my dad always said that a leopard never changes its spots.


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