The 100 Day Project | 2023

The 10th annual 100 Day Project begins tomorrow, Wednesday, 22nd February, and as in previous years, I’m planning on using the 100 days of creativity to clear up a bunch of unfinished projects and fill in my New York traveler’s notebook.

This is the 6th year I will have taken part.

What’s on my UFO list? Experience has taught me to keep my list and expectations realistic.

You can see previous 100 Day Projects here:

2022: Start and finish

2021: Start and finish

2020: Start and finish

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2018: Start and finish

Will you be joining in with the 100 Day Project?

6 thoughts on “The 100 Day Project | 2023

  1. Some interesting projects for your 100 Days. It almost feels like we are departing on some kind of voyage & we are standing on the dock waving good bye to all the UFOs & PHD’s leaving the pile of, to be completed. Good Luck, Safe Travels. 🙂

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