Me on Monday | 20 February

It was half term week.

  • The Brainy One attended a family funeral in his home town
  • The Boy and I went to Battersea Power Station
  • The Brainy One and The Boy went to Duxford
  • Tilly went to the groomer
  • The Boy was under the weather for a few days with a high temperature
  • The Boy went to crazy golf with his friend
  • The Brainy One and The Boy went to watch Brentford v Crystal Palace
  • We unexpectedly heard that The Boy has been offered a place in the Sixth Form of our choice
  • Tilly and I caught up with The Dutch Friend who was in town for flying visit from Maastricht

6 thoughts on “Me on Monday | 20 February

  1. Brilliant news about the Sixth Form place! You must all be so relieved. But seriously though, how can he possibly be old enough to be going to Sixth Form in September?
    Sounds like it was another busy half term – you always manage to find lots of new things to do.

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  2. Certainly a very busy week for all of you. Congratulations on TB getting a placement in his choice of Sixth Form school. Sorry for TBO’s loss of a family member.

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