Lift 109 | Battersea Power Station

On a beautifully clear and sunny February morning, The Boy and I went up inside a chimney at the newly restored Battersea Power Station.

What was once forty two acres of industrial brownfield has been transformed into a vibrant new live, work and play neighbourhood for the local and wider communities. Inside the iconic Battersea Power Station, at the bottom of the north-west chimney is a circular lift that will take you 109 metres straight up for fantastic views over London.

Once at the top, the lift actually becomes the viewing platform for seven minutes. It’s pretty cool and was perfect for The Boy, thanks to everything being totally enclosed. He loves towers and campaniles but doesn’t cope very well if the top is open to the elements.

If you find yourself in Battersea, then Lift 109 is worth an hour of your time.

6 thoughts on “Lift 109 | Battersea Power Station

  1. That is an amazing thing they have done with the old chimney. I do believe I have seen this site in some British murder mysteries. Was that a floral arch for a wedding?

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  2. This is such a coincidence – P is going to London on Friday to look round the Tate Modern and was trying to think of somewhere to go afterwards. My son in law is currently involved in a contract involving a property at Battersea Power Station and suggested they went there to see how it has changed and he recommended the Lift 109!

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