Me on Monday | 13 February

It was a week of Life Admin and frustration when trying to speak to a real person by telephone.

  • The Brainy One took our car for its MOT
  • I went to the salon to have my eyebrows done
  • The Boy went to Work Experience
  • The Boy went for an eye test and now has a new prescription
  • I lost the will to live when on hold with a government agency
  • The Boy gave a presentation at an Autism Conference
  • We celebrated Cachirulo’s birthday with a family party
  • The Brainy One left for an overnight stay in the Midlands

4 thoughts on “Me on Monday | 13 February

  1. I hear your pain about being on hold with a government agency … ours plays the most horrible music which crackles because they haven’t got the radio tuned properly. Well done to TB for speaking at a conference. I do hope his original (& poorly informed) therapist was there to eat her words.

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  2. What confidence TB has – I’m so impressed!
    Oh the stress of listening to that awful phone music especially when it is on a loop. It really does test your patience, I do hope you got to speak to the person you needed eventually!

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