Around Here | What We Have Watched Recently

The Boy is now of an age where what we watch on the television together is mostly of interest to all of us. Here’s a short list of shows that we have enjoyed recently, should you be curious.

  • The Rig | Amazon Prime | Sci-Fi/Fantasy is not my usual thing, but I’m surprised to find myself wanting to find out what happens next
  • Happy Valley | BBC and BBC iPlayer | The best thing currently on TV at the moment. Series 1&2 are also on iPlayer, if you need the back story
  • Litvinenko | ITVX | A fascinating dramatised look into how the Met Police investigated the murder of Sasha Litvinenko
  • Welcome to Wrexham | Disney+ | the stars of this show are definitely the people of Wrexham and not Rob and Ryan, the Hollywood duo. Although they do add a certain something …

7 thoughts on “Around Here | What We Have Watched Recently

  1. Happy Valley is SO good isn’t it? Even though I guessed how this week’s episode may end, it still surprised me how easily it all came together. Oh my goodness, Catherine is going to go crazy when she finds out what has happened. Doesn’t Sarah Lancashire play that part brilliantly? I like it that they only release one episode at a time to have that cliff hanger at the end making you appreciate having the suspense of waiting for the next one to air! You don’t get that if you binge watch a series do you?

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    1. I LOVE everything about Happy Valley, what a treat to find such brilliantly written, produced and acted British drama. Sarah Lancashire is a legend!
      I also like the anticipation of having to wait for the next episode.


  2. I am looking forward to the current series of Happy Valley, which should be released this side of the pond in March or April (so my listing says). It’s nice that as a family you can sit & watch together.

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  3. We also watched and enjoyed The Rig. I suspect a second season will be coming on that one. Husband has been trying to get me to watch Welcome to Wrexham but I feel like it might be cheating a bit on my old friend Ted Lasso ( although, the downside of TL is that it isn’t family friendly viewing exactly!)

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