Me on Monday | 16 January

It was a week of celebrating and of new beginnings.

  • The Boy celebrated a milestone birthday
  • The Boy began work experience. He is working with a film company, one day a week for the whole of this term
  • I had my haircut
  • I had cause to visit the doctor
  • A friend joined Tilly and me for a walk and we were caught out by a heavy downpour
  • We welcomed a new baby into our wider family  – a reason to be joyful
  • I became the IT problem solver for The Boy, which resulted in rudeness from him and a telling off from me
  • I began planning and researching a solo trip
  • The Boy went to AEP
  • We discussed ideas for family travels later this year and came up with a rough plan
  • The Boy met friends for lunch

6 thoughts on “Me on Monday | 16 January

  1. Is it a pure coincidence that your plans for a solo trip come immediately after a stressful incident where your knowledge and assistance wasn’t greeted with the thankfulness that it deserved? 😉
    It sounds like it has been a busy week for you all, a holiday is definitely needed!

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  2. A solo trip sounds like a fun planning process – your favourite city? Rudeness is never a nice thing to deal with regardless of the source. How very exciting that TB is working with a film company for his work experience. I am sending positive energy that the Dr’s visit was routine; yes all good!!

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  3. Have never been on a solo trip that wasn’t work related. Not sure how I would do but wouldn’t mind finding out!!
    How grand that the boy has a job once a week through the term. One day a week is the perfect amount of time to get his feet wet. I believe he is 16. I started waiting tables shortly after my 17th birthday. Work is good for us!!
    Lovely photograph. The contrast between the dark branch and the shimmery, silvery water is beautiful.

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