Recording 2022’s One Little Word | Redefine | December

The Boy spent time during the Christmas holidays learning the routes he will need to travel for his upcoming work experience. Using the Elizabeth Line, he has to be able to get himself to and from two different locations, in parts of West London he is wholly unfamiliar with.

The design is one I tweaked from the original and I have to admit that there is something about this layout that I am not happy with. If only I could decide what that something might be.

6 thoughts on “Recording 2022’s One Little Word | Redefine | December

  1. He is definitely more confident than I am at finding new places! It is very hard to give a teenager the independence to travel on their own isn’t it? If phones had the location sharing facilities then that they have now it would definitely have saved me a lot of anxiety at wondering if they had arrived safely! I bet this week is flying by – what an experience he’s had.

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  2. Just a suggestion, the title could be moved, the London is lost, it needs to be in the white space, possibly. Just a suggestion, hope I haven’t offended you,,Ruth.
    Glad that the young man is branching out, he is doing great. Lovely to see.

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  3. What an adventure for TB is his work experience & that he will be traveling on his own to get there. I often rehearse my travel route when having to go to somewhere new in a city I find too busy to leisurely scope out road signs, land marks & such. I think leaving the layout on your craft desk for a few days will help you see what you want to change.

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