Month in Numbers | December 2022

I’ve noted all my numbers this month, more out of habit than anything else. I seem to have run out of enthusiasm for making a Project Life style scrapbook page, so I’m simply going to record them here.

Let’s see what the numbers made of December.

37 walks with Tilly

15 Step classes via YouTube

30 sessions of Pilates

1 scrapbook page created

3 pieces of Happy Mail sent

34,137 steps walked by me on my busiest day – a walk to the supermarket, a walk with Tilly and an afternoon and evening in town with The Boy looking at the Christmas Lights

4 haircuts

2 flu jabs

1 passport renewal application

22 Christmas gifts wrapped

22 Christmas cards written

59 Christmas cards posted

9 occasions where we saw friends and/or family

8 jars of cranberry sauce made

2 baking sessions

25 days of December Daily

1 bag of clothes donated to the charity shop

1 night away

13 thank you notes sent by The Boy

Month in Numbers was the brainchild of Julie. You can see my previous Month in Numbers here.

4 thoughts on “Month in Numbers | December 2022

  1. All those extras added in & on top of Christmas activities, gave you a very busy numbers month. I chuckled to myself when I read that in December you had 9 occasions to meet with friends – I don’t think I had 9 in all of 2022!

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  2. I’ve never thought of recording my month in numbers, I wonder what it would reveal. That’s an impressive step count for your busiest day!

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    1. You should give it a go, you’d probably be amazed at what you have on your list at the end of the month. I have done it for so long now, it is second nature to record things.


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