December Daily | Days 11-15

December Daily is off and running and I’m using the mini book I made recently to record twenty five stories of our Christmas season. Additional journaling cards are from In a Creative Bubble.

Day 11 | The story of the day was visiting the Knightsbridge to see the Christmas decorations. I made a flip card to house a small concertina strip of photos

Day 12 | The story of the day was an unexpected fall of snow in West London. I added an acetate sheet decorated with snowflakes and placed that over a window pocket full of snowy photos.

Day 13 | The story of the day was the legendary double-edition of the Radio Times going on sale and a flu jab. The journaling tag is tucked behind the photo and I added embroidery thread so it would be easier to slide out. You may have noticed that the Christmas tree paper is upside down.

Day 14 | The story of the day was The Boy’s Christmas Concert at school. I only have video of the concert, so I added a photo of The Boy having a celebratory gingerbread latté and tucked the journaling behind the photo.

Day 15 | The story of the day was a festive Afternoon Tea followed by the Carol Service at the Royal Hospital, Chelsea. I used one of the large pocket pages and stuffed it with photos and a journaling card.

December Daily | my favourite project of the year.

4 thoughts on “December Daily | Days 11-15

  1. So much fun with this new style of DD. Tilly does look like she is saying to you about the 12th’s snow “Mum, what is this?” . Oh a gingerbread latte does some like a reward. 🙂 For Day 15, the Afternoon Tea adventure – a large tasty cinnamon roll? I am trying a new to me recipe for cinnamon rolls where at the end just before popping into the oven you pour some heavy cream over the unbaked rolls & then bake. I am doing for Christmas Eve Day breakfast, so if it’s a flop I don’t feel so bad.

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  2. You pack so much into your December days – you put me to shame! That snowfall was definitely a lot heavier than I was expecting – they got it spot on in this area when they said 10cm overnight!

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