Me on Monday | 19 December

It was a week of unexpected weather and full of festive fun.

  • We had snow
  • I had my flu jab
  • The Boy starred in his Christmas Concert. He sang a solo. The first verse of Silent Night. In German.
  • A friend and I went for a festive Afternoon Tea
  • The same friend and I went on to the Christmas Carol Service at the Royal Hospital, Chelsea
  • Both The Brainy One and The Boy had haircuts
  • School finished for the Christmas holidays
  • The Boy and I went for dinner at my club and then wandered around the West End looking at all the lights
  • Tilly went to the groomer
  • We watched the Strictly Final
  • The Boy went out for lunch with his friend
  • We watched the World Cup Final and I supported France

6 thoughts on “Me on Monday | 19 December

  1. Singing a solo – in German? Wow! Well done TB!
    It sounds like you have enjoyed some fun festive activities, I am sure you are all now ready for the countdown to the big day.

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  2. A solo & in sung in German, bravo to TB. Is this sparking any desire to take languages in high school? (6th form?). You had some lovely Christmas themed adventures last week – tea & a carol concert would be perfect IMO. Kids this side of the pond don’t start their Christmas break until Friday the 23rd – which is unusual.

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    1. The kids in Wales don’t finish until the 23rd either, which is also unusual.
      I don’t think The Boy has any further desire to learn German … and French is acknowledged to be particularly difficult for students with autism.


  3. Wow! A solo, sung in German! I am super impressed! Well done, young man. All the money in the world would not encourage me to sing a solo. Merry Christmas to one and all.

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