Me on Monday | 12 December

It was a week where there was sunshine, cold days and mixed emotions.

Restaurant in Covent Garden
  • The Boy had his flu jab at school
  • I tackled weeding the front flower bed
  • I wrapped more Christmas gifts
  • I bought the last few Christmas gifts
  • I nipped into town on the Elizabeth Line
  • I finished the Christmas cards
  • I downloaded a free reading log for next year here
  • Friends came for supper and stayed the night
  • We were distraught to learn that our Danish friend has terminal cancer
  • The Boy and I went for brunch and on to Singalong Christmas Carols at the Royal Festival Hall
  • We caught the end of Morocco’s surprise win over Portugal
  • We watched England lose to France
  • We popped into Knightsbridge to see the Christmas decorations

8 thoughts on “Me on Monday | 12 December

  1. I have enjoyed seeing the various decorations around London via your photos! It sounds like you are very well organised for Christmas now – I keep thinking there’s something I’ve forgotten – but I think I only have one present left to buy for my son in law who is struggling to come up with ideas apparently!
    I’m so sorry to hear the news from your friend in Denmark – you must all be so upset.

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  2. I wish that the big C was only for Christmas & not for cancer. What a difficult diagnosis for such a young man. Let’s keep the thought that miracles happen.
    It seems this year getting our flu jabs is more important (almost) than the Covid boosters. Flu is running wild & rampant this side of the pond. Thanks for the link to the reading log – it’s a fun way to keep track of all the reading we do.

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  3. So sorry about the prognosis for your Danish friend. Hope he can be comfortable and surrounded by love.
    Sounds like an otherwise delightful week. I haven’t been following the World Cup too closely but at this point, I think I’m cheering for Croatia.
    We need to get out to see the lights and decorations about town. That always helps put me in the the spirit of things.

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    1. We are off to see the lights in town later this week, a lovely tradition The Boy is still willing to participate in!
      Thank you for your kind words re our friend.


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