Let’s Sit and Have a Cup of Tea | December

More edible gifts being given this year

Hello and thank you for joining me in a cup of tea. As we are now in December, the festive mugs and teapot have been dusted off and pressed into service.

How are you getting along with your Christmas planning? Mine is coming along nicely, as most of the gifts are bought and wrapped, with some even under the tree. I have also made a dent in the Christmas cards and the ones for overseas have actually been posted. I say this every year, but next year’s Christmas card list is going to be much smaller!

We have several lovely events lined up, beginning with The Boy DJing at the School’s Christmas Disco this evening and our annual drinks party tomorrow afternoon. We have shortened the length of the gathering and are serving less food than previous years – a compromise between cancelling and spending too much money.

In the non-Christmas world, we have attended The Boy’s Annual Review and submitted our preference of Sixth Form. The headteacher is a wonderful man and we have agreed both a Plan A and a Plan B, depending on what our local authority decides. It feels good to have an idea of what our next steps might look like, although I have my fingers crossed that the LA will approve our stated preference.

Look how time has flown!  Thank you so much for popping round and listening to my ramble – same time next month?

6 thoughts on “Let’s Sit and Have a Cup of Tea | December

  1. I really hope that your young man gets the sixth form place that he wants.
    I am still in denial about Christmas but I did buy some books yesterday for the young child relatives so I am slowly making a start. I am just not feeling it this year at all

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  2. Oh yes, thank you, a cup of tea would be lovely … oh & let’s unwrap the special Christmas chocolate biscuits I’ve just got at the top of my shopping bag. Lovely to sit for a moment. Christmas cards, another one of those I want to do, but quickly slips to the I better get a move on. I think what a good comprise the not Christmas party drinks party is for you, I know you enjoy hosting so much. I’ve made a few edible gift items to be supplemented with a few purchased treats … another comprise of the this year’s gift giving. Fingers & all other body parts that cross for Plan A for TB’s 6th form year. Oh look is that the time, must dash … I’ll just leave the opened biscuits, I’ve already have had too many. 🙂

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  3. I bet that will be a great disco this evening – have fun! I bet tomorrow’s get together will go with a swing (will TB be in charge of the background music?) It’s nice to get everyone together early and I’m sure all the people you have invited are looking forward to seeing you tomorrow.
    Fingers crossed that you don’t have to rely on Plan B, I so hope that TB gets his first choice. Now the applications are in you must put it to the back of your mind over the Christmas holidays (easier said than done I know!)
    Thanks for the cuppa – I’ll be back again for another in January.

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