Recording 2022’s One Little Word | Redefine | November

One event in November embodied our One Little Word –  notification that The Boy was eligible to receive an Autumn Covid booster.

I adapted the design from one I had seen on the Instagram feed and blog of Felicity Jane Studio and am really pleased with how it turned out. The photo was printed out at 8.5 x 11 (A4), which is the largest size my home printer can produce.

8 thoughts on “Recording 2022’s One Little Word | Redefine | November

  1. Pleased that the young man was able to get his booster. So important and necessary
    When I watch the news from China I am reminded that for all the problems our country has we are lucky not to live in such a place as China with its ridiculous policy on vaccines
    The NHS may be creaky and not perfect but it is a wonderful service.

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  2. The vaccine roll out and booster programme has been so good hasn’t it? I’m so pleased that TB was able to get his booster nice and early. What a great quality photo from a home printer!

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  3. Nice layout, simple design, clean lines & it’s great that you have a home printer that can handle that size. Big photo for a big deal & it says it all without journaling.

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