Me on Monday | 28 November

It was a week of mixed weather, for cracking on with Christmas planning and embracing the football. 🙂

  • I watched England v Iran – I had great fun telling “Goal!!!” six times, much to Tilly’s bemusement (WFH is a definite perk when the match is played at 1pm) – respect to the Iranian team for the courageous stand they took during the playing of their national anthem
  • We watched USA v Wales – two matches in one day for me, who would ever have thought it!
  • Our driveway was cleaned and re-sanded (and paid for by the developers working locally, as they were the source of the dust and dirt for months – result)
  • A thank-you note was received – a whole eight words, not counting the greeting and the sign off – it was received in the same spirit it was sent 🙂
  • I booked my flu jab and filled out the paperwork for The Boy to have his at school
  • I may have opened the tin of chocolates earmarked for Christmas …
  • We watched England v USA and were unimpressed
  • We saw my SiL for the first time in about a month to walk our dogs and have lunch
  • The Boy and I went into town on the Elizabeth Line, just so The Boy could experience no longer having to change at Paddington

4 thoughts on “Me on Monday | 28 November

  1. I’ve had to hide the tin of Christmas sweets – I know I can’t be trusted!
    I’m pleased you finally received an acknowledgement of your gift – albeit a minimalist one.
    After that first match I must admit that any games which we’ve watched have been done with one eye on the tv and one on my crochet! I feel our festive outing at the weekend may be badly timed depending on where England end up at the end of the group stages. I should have taken that into consideration I suppose before booking!

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  2. That is good news to hear a thank you has been received. Mr Man is following a bit of the footie games on his laptop & periodically I hear “oh, shoot, shoot” but that could also have been for the hockey games … the only thing I know about this series is that Canada hasn’t played in the series since 1986 & they are out already. You had a busy week & sounds like a busy week ahead with party prep. Nice to get your driveway sorted in time for the not Christmas party drinks party. 🙂

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