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The ribbon wreath looks complicated but is actually super simple to make. The Best Friend and I took our kits back to our hotel room and constructed them while drinking tea and watching the Festival of Remembrance on my laptop.

There were six different ribbon types, and each length of ribbon was cut into 20″ strips. The top and tail of each piece of ribbon then had a V snipped out. I cut all the ribbon before leaving the crop room in order to minimise the mess in our hotel room. That’s not to say we didn’t leave a ton of red glitter on the beds … 🙂

Loading up the wreath ring was immensely relaxing – I chose the order in which I would add the ribbons and then repeated the pattern all the way around. The idea was to have 12 lengths of ribbon in each quadrant – each ribbon tied tightly, with more bow than tail (does that make sense?). Once all the ribbons were in place, I spent a happy time ‘fluffing’ the bows and added the festive embellishment (which was attached to floristry wire and simply wrapped around the ring). Observing the wreath from the back meant that any required repositioning of a bow was easily detectable.

Denise sells assorted wreath kits via her Etsy shop. 🙂 And I fancy making another one.

4 thoughts on “Crop in the Country | Kitty Boo Crafts | What I Created | The Ribbon Wreath

  1. That is such a pretty project & certainly hanging on your door is a wonder way to greet festive revealers. Just changing the ribbon colours & patterns would work for any season.

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