Crop in the Country | Kitty Boo Crafts | What I Created | Part Two

All the classes available at the Kitty Boo CraftAway were self-paced and festive-themed. I spent most of Saturday making the mini book (which much, much longer than anticipated) and by late afternoon and into Sunday, I was ready to tackle something else.

I made the fourth spread simply because I liked it. The ribbon is actually too far to the right and that’s because I made the tear too long. The Best Friend is going to send me two photos of my god daughter’s first Christmas to fill in the blanks. 🙂 Once I have those, I will add a title.

The fifth spread was one using straws, something that I would never think to add to a page.

The sixth and final spread was a double page designed to be filled in as December moves along; I’m going to use it for The Boy’s festive season and put it in his album.

Here’s a Top Tip: don’t turn your head towards your friend while simultaneously chatting and punching out number stickers. 🙂 I used double-sided tape to stick the fluted circle back to the pre-punching piece of cardstock and then repunched it (without talking to or looking at my friend).

I also stuffed up the ‘Merry’ title and my friend gave me hers before then doing another one for herself. Reason eleventy hundred and three why I love her. 🙂

7 thoughts on “Crop in the Country | Kitty Boo Crafts | What I Created | Part Two

  1. So much concentration needed – how lucky you are to have such a good friend to help you out when you get in a pickle! I love the effect that the straws give to that page.

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  2. I like the pastel shades for these layouts. You say mistake, I say design elements (lol). Yes indeed B/F has earned her wings at the retreat 🙂

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