Me on Monday | 21 November

It was a wet and windy week, and my wellies still leak … guess what has gone onto my Christmas list …

Late afternoon mist
  • The Boy missed a day of school with a high temperature and an upset tummy; he had a negative lateral flow test
  • I wrapped a few Christmas presents
  • Our energy supplier asked us to take part in a low usage trial for an hour
  • UK inflation hit a new record high
  • I ordered several Christmas presents
  • I unpacked my stash from the Kitty Boo CraftAway
  • Our driveway is disappearing under a carpet of leaves
  • We donated to the BBC’s Children in Need Appeal
  • I saw my first decorated Christmas tree in a private house – yes, really
  • The Boy went to AEP
  • I cleared the carpet of leaves
  • The Boy had his COVID booster
  • I had a disagreement with a family member over a lack of thanks from another family member; I felt that thanks should have been forthcoming as a) the gift we had sent was a not inconsiderable amount of money and b) the birthday was two weeks ago and c) the cheque had been cashed within a few days of receipt – I would welcome your thoughts on whether I was right/wrong to be annoyed about the lack of thanks.
  • I wrapped more Christmas presents, some on behalf of other people
  • I started on the Christmas cards
  • The Boy and The Brainy One went to see Black Panther | Wakanda Forever at the cinema

9 thoughts on “Me on Monday | 21 November

  1. Of course people should say thank you for a gift or a cheque. I don’t understand why you wouldn’t. I have a grown up relative who is often rather slow to acknowledge a gift or a cheque, it does irritate me and my elderly parents are also annoyed by it. I have lengthy phone calls with them listening to them complaining, I end up apologising profusely to try to cool things down. Just say thank you promptly and be grateful. It is just good manners.

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    1. I am so glad that it isn’t just me! The time the recipient whingeing to a third party could have been used to text me with a joint apology/thanks and we would have been done, drama avoided.
      And as I type this, the recipient has still not been in touch …


  2. I saw several homes on my Saturday night drive home that had inside lit Christmas trees – I guess they are needing the joy a bit early this year. Inflation this side of the pond is reaching a point of self implosion & I for one am tired of hearing that it is because of COVID. We are clearing a carpet of snow this morning :). Hopefully TB is well on the mend from the tummy upset. Yeah to getting a C-booster, we have ours booked for end of November.

    As for the thanks for the birthday cheque … I am in total agreement with you. Regardless of the amount, big or small, a thank you for remembering me is in order; here’s what I plan to do with the money. Unless a sudden loss of limb or the ability to speak, then either a phone call, text message or the written note of thanks, is required, no excuse.

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    1. I agree and I don’t think that after two weeks (and counting) of silence from the recipient, I was in the wrong. I didn’t expect War and Peace, a quick text would have sufficed!
      Laughing at the thought of a sudden loss of limb … 🙂


    1. I would also prefer a handwritten note but I appreciate that the younger generation (crikey, I’m sounding like an aged Granny!) often text their thanks … or not, in this case! 🙂


  3. It’s too early for Christmas decorations at home! At least wait until the end of November! We only have ours up from around the 12th Dec to the 4th Jan and by then I am keen to get the house back to normal – I can’t imagine an extra couple of weeks added onto that.
    There definitely should have been a thank you by now. There are so many ways to communicate nowadays there really is no excuse. How long to send a quick message on your phone?
    Sorry to hear TB was unwell but pleased that he was well enough to get his booster. I suspect that this year may be the year of viruses to be honest. Now we are back to our old ways, our immune system is going to take a hit I fear.

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    1. We’re hosting our annual drinks party on the 3rd, so I think our tree will go up on the 1st … and the decorations go away as soon as The Boy returns to school.
      There is still total radio silence from the recipient, but I have no doubt that I will bad-mouthed around other family members.
      The Boy says I (we) are old-fashioned, but I think that good manners are timeless and will take you a long way in life.
      The Boy and I still need our flu jabs – he usually has his at school and my GP Surgery tells me I need to wait until everyone older than me has been done.


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