Four Things I’m Doing In November To Prep For Christmas

A few days ago, I saw someone on Instagram mention that this feels like the best two weeks of the year – there’s all the fun anticipation of the holidays but it’s not quite go-time yet.

Here are some of the things I’m doing right now to prep for the festive season so I can enjoy every moment.

1.Not putting up our Christmas decorations yet. I love the magic of putting up the Christmas tree and styling the Christmas mantel, but not before 1 December. Apart from the Christmas wreath on the front door, which goes up on the first Sunday of Advent. No judgement on those of you who like to go early.

2. Ordering Christmas Pajamas | If you leave it until December, all the best designs are out of stock or you find that you can not buy the design you want in three different sizes (First World problem), so ours are due to be delivered later today.

3. Wrapping gifts as they arrive | I love wrapping Christmas presents but I do not enjoy having to do a million in one sitting or at the last minute, so I try to wrap gifts as I buy them.

4. Making time for festive events | I like to fill December with as many festive events as possible and book in advance … Drinks Party, Christmas Carol Singalong, Christmas Carol Service, Festive Afternoon Tea, all in the calendar.

4 thoughts on “Four Things I’m Doing In November To Prep For Christmas

  1. I’m aiming for Number 3 at the moment! I enjoy wrapping but the enthusiasm wains after a while and the first present is definitely more neat than the tenth!
    We have a family tradition of putting up our decorations the weekend before P’s birthday so this week it will be Dec 9th. I suspect that anyone with small children may not last that long!
    Now I’m wondering what design of pjs you have gone for …

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  2. I like your list of 4 fun things BEFORE the madness of the Christmas season settles in. This Sunday is Stir Up Sunday, so the season for us, begins a wandering in then, with the baking of the our Christmas cake. Like you, Christmas trees & decorations wait until December arrives.

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