A Night at the Football

A friend invited me to join her to watch Brentford FC play Gillingham in the Carabau Cup. What better way to spend a damp and chilly Tuesday evening in early November. 🙂

The Gtech Community Stadium, Brentford

I wish I could report that Brentford made full use of the advantage of playing of home, but I can’t. After a superb opening ten minutes (scoring within five minutes), Brentford seemed to run out of enthusiasm and were lacklustre for the remainder of the match. Gillingham on the other hand, were playing with passion and not as a club currently two leagues below Brentford’s Premier League status.

Gillingham equalised in the second half and held on to force a penalty shoot-out. Crikey, penalties are much worse to watch in real life than they are on TV … and they’re bad enough watching on TV.

Final score | 1-1 … with Gillingham winning 6-5 on penalties.

Attendance | 16,278.

Will I become a regular at football matches? I don’t think so, but it was a fun evening out.

4 thoughts on “A Night at the Football

  1. I’m sure it was a fun atmosphere even though you weren’t a true supporter! Penalty shoot outs are nerve-wracking whoever is playing, let’s hope we don’t see many of them in the next big tournament that’s coming up!

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