Lunch and Jersey Boys With The Boy

Trafalgar Theatre, West End

During half term, I took The Boy out to lunch and then onto the theatre to see the magnificent Jersey Boys. I ringfenced the outing with journeys there and back on the Elizabeth Line.

We had lunch at Café Rouge in Covent Garden – he enjoys the steak baguette with French fries, and I enjoy the Croque Monsieur, a Bellini and the 25% military discount.

I left enough time between lunch and curtain up for us to take a slow stroll through the West End and for a few posed photos (check out my skirt – £10 gift voucher and 25% off).

Unfortunately the second half of the performance was delayed by an hour, after a woman had fallen down the stairs in the Dress Circle during the interval. I came to the conclusion that she wasn’t seriously hurt because of the noise she was making and how she kept refusing to allow anyone to touch her. The paramedics were the epitome of professional, as she was by no means an easy patient.

I had been concerned that The Boy would become over-anxious by this unexpected drama, but he handled it like a champ. I think he will more likely in future remember the afternoon for what happened off-stage, than on!

Jersey Boys | Encore
Heading home on the Elizabeth Line

4 thoughts on “Lunch and Jersey Boys With The Boy

  1. You bought the skirt! And it looks lovely!
    What a shame that the theatre visit was delayed in such a dramatic way, I’m pleased that it seems she was not badly hurt and that it did not cause any anxiety to TB. It’s such a great show, I bet you were singing to yourself all the way home!

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  2. Your entire ensemble is perfect & we all knew it would be the skirt for you. What a delightful outing, well for you not the lady that fell down the stairs. With a little planning you got to include things for the both of you to make the day special.

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