Recording 2022’s One Little Word | Redefine | October

One event in October embodied our One Little Word – the beginning of the search for the right Sixth Form for The Boy.

My apologies for not showing the photos clearly, but as there is too much identifying information in them, I am sure you will understand.

6 thoughts on “Recording 2022’s One Little Word | Redefine | October

  1. Fingers crossed that you find a 6th Form which suits him and that he is happy with. It feels like the school journey lurches from one place to another; the moment you find the right primary, it’s time to look at secondaries and suddenly, here you are searching for the right 6th Form!

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  2. Never easy! My twin girls started sixth form this year. They opted for one that wasn’t my first choice,but seem to be thriving. There has been a lesson for me in that! Now they are starting to speak of gap years and uni choices… find me a pause button, please!

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  3. This is definitely a moment of redefining what it means to becoming a young man; (helping to) choosing the next step in the education ladder. The design of the page is strong enough to come through the photo blocking 🙂 – I do like the large tags.

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