Me on Monday | 7 November

It was a quiet week, with much colder temperatures and a plentiful supply of rain.

Friday | 16.45 hours
  • The Boy and I attended another Sixth Form Open Evening
  • We sent out the invitations to our annual Christmas Drinks Party
  • A friend joined me to walk Tilly
  • The Friend and I then booked for a Festive Afternoon Tea next month
  • I began thinking about this year’s December Daily
  • I began thinking about what I might need for next weekend’s residential crop
  • The Boy attended his Aviation Education Program
  • I spent an afternoon cyber cropping with The Best Friend
  • I filled up the garden waste recycling bin – the heavy rain this week helped to loosen all the weeds

4 thoughts on “Me on Monday | 7 November

  1. Festive afternoon tea, Christmas drinks party, December Daily … it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas 😉
    What a lot of rain we had last week! Paul offered to help when Leo’s Beavers group went on an evening bat walk on Tuesday. When they left home it was dry, but when they were half way through the walk there was torrential rain and a thunderstorm! Not many bats were seen, they were sensibly staying home in the dry!

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    1. It is fun to see Christmas things appearing in our calendar!
      Outside the window right now … torrential rain! And my wellies seem to have sprung a leak.


  2. Yes indeed it does sound like plans for the festive season are happening. Hopefully these open evenings of information for sixth form are also coming together in a positive direction. Thankfully there’s the Aviation Education program for the distraction of making decisions. 🙂

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