Me on Tuesday | 1 November

It was a busy half term week.

  • The Boy and I travelled to the newly opened Bond Street station on the Elizabeth Line
  • The UK had another new Prime Minister
  • We visited Little Venice
  • Tilly visited the groomer
  • I bought lots of new clothes for The Boy: jeans, hoodies, jumpers and shirts
  • The Boy and I went out for lunch and to a matineé performance of Jersey Boys
  • The Boy was a little under the weather and spent most of Saturday in bed
  • I enjoyed a short, solo crop
  • British Summer Time came to an end
  • I followed Belgravia’s Halloween Trail, more on that later this week
  • The Boy returned to school
  • I visited the dentist and the dental hygienist

4 thoughts on “Me on Tuesday | 1 November

  1. An eventful week! And probably an expensive one, kitting out TB with a new batch of winter clothes!
    We saw Jersey Boys a few years ago and really enjoyed it, probably one of my favourite shows. Possibly because I knew almost all the lyrics to all the songs!

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    1. The Boy made me promise that I would not sing out loud … but I did hear him singing at times, he knows more of their songs than I realised.

      The expense of the new wardrobe isn’t quite over, as he could do with a pair of fashion boots and a few smart casual jumpers. He is now wearing a small man’s size!


  2. A busy week. A blend of the want to, need to & better get to it things. Was the solo crop at the 3rd try hotel? I haven’t seen Jersey Boys, but I do have the music & that reminds I have a big sort out task coming up so maybe time to find the CD, turn it on & make the task musically fun. We turn back our clocks this weekend coming.

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    1. Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons would make great tidying up music, as does any of the early albums from Bryan Adams and let us not forget the soundtracks to the Mamma Mia films!


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