Me on Monday | 24 October

It was a quiet week of working from home and planning a few things for half-term.

  • I booked tickets for Jersey Boys in the West End – it’s more than ten years since I saw it in New York City
  • The hotel hosting next month’s crafting weekend has cancelled the booking. This is the second cancellation by a venue for this weekend
  • I may have ordered the Christmas turkey
  • A new location was found for next month’s crafting weekend
  • The Boy received notification of his National Insurance number … gulp
  • The Brainy One and The Boy had their hair cut
  • The Brainy One seems to have come down with 24 hour flu … after having his flu jab
  • A change in our Saturday plans gave me a whole afternoon free to scrapbook
  • The Boy wrote his Christmas list
  • Horrendous thunderstorms and heavy rain on Sunday gave me more free time to scrapbook again

6 thoughts on “Me on Monday | 24 October

  1. Hope that TBO is feeling better this morning. Hopefully he’s now jabbed up and ready to face whatever winter germs are circulating.
    Pleased to hear that a new venue had been found for the crafting, I’m sure you have a lot of pictures ready to be made into pages!
    TB is very organised with getting his Christmas list done and dusted. I ‘may’ have already bought some presents already as L was super organised in knowing what he was going to ask for this year. His sister has a birthday at the end of November which is very inconvenient as it means double the amount of ideas needed within a month!
    TB has his NI number? Time seems to be going on fast forward!

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  2. Well wishes to TBO & hope by now he is feeling much better now. TB getting his insurance number is one of those milestones that really hits it home that we may soon be moving from TB to TM. Are the venues cancelling because of rising rates of COVID or are they double booking? I enjoy those unexpected times when weather says “cancel all your plans, I have other ideas for the time”. 🙂

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    1. The first venue cancelled because it is closing and the second one cancelled because it is becoming an hotel for refugees. The third and hopefully final venue is a golf club …


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