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Late afternoon sky
  • Constantly comparing prices for grocery shopping and utilities – the rise in the cost of living and inflation is worrying
  • Wondering how long the current government can remain in office, given the farce that is currently playing out
  • Watching Chicago Med on Netflix and waiting for the new series of The Crown
  • Listening to episodes of What Should I Read Next? with Anne Bogel on Spotify
  • Creating scrapbook pages and determining not to buy any new stash
  • Daydreaming of a another solo visit to New York City, but the rise in air fares and hotel rooms, coupled with the fall of sterling against the dollar is putting me off
  • Thinking about half term
  • Thinking about Christmas
  • Thinking about the menopause
  • Thinking that I am doing a lot of thinking

4 thoughts on “Right Now | Around Here

  1. That’s a lot of thoughts! The latest news from No 10 was hardly unexpected; it was never ‘if’ but ‘when’ it would happen! I can’t see anybody on the radar who I want to see in charge, it makes you wonder what’s coming next.
    It feels like we are constantly shopping around for the best price for everything doesn’t it? My grocery bill is definitely higher recently and it’s not because we have suddenly changed our eating habits.
    These half terms come around quickly don’t they – and once the children go back in November the countdown to Christmas really begins 😉

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    1. The sentence on the current state of our government was rewritten several times, as events seemed to be moving much more quickly than anticipated!
      My food shopping is taking much longer than before and like you, it is not because our eating habits have changed!
      Christmas countdown begins during half term, as this is traditionally when The Boy writes his Christmas List and we send out invitations to our festive drinks party.


  2. Ruth you have written a lot of what I am also thinking, brooding & mulling about.

    Food prices this side of the pond are rising at 20-25% & what really is worrying to many is that the food is spoiling quicker than before. Fresh veg & fruits are expensive enough without it going off just 1-3 days after buying. It seems odd to me, & I’m not a conspiracy theorist at all, is that quick spoiling food comes so quickly after the big debate about sell by dates being removed.

    I imagine amid all the hot debate about The Crown season 5, it will get more viewers than ever. I’ve not seen any of it but agree it should come with a warning that it is not historical but a drama series with huge amounts of “poetic license” This side of the pond far too many take this series as factual which worries me as King Charles is trying to forage a reign of positivity. This is a worrying time for members of the Commonwealth. Yes far too much thinking on my part 🙂

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    1. I’ve looked at The Crown as entertainment and nothing more!
      I worked for the Royal Family when Diana died and I can truly say that watching our new king cared for his devastated sons was lovely … I met him one on one a few times and he was everything you would want him to be.

      I am in agreement re fresh food … here, it seems to be either in short supply or going off faster. And the cost seems to be rising daily!

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