Four Fun Things

A glimpse of the house I would like to be my next home …

7 thoughts on “Four Fun Things

  1. Oh yes, let’s meet at Brown’s for tea after we’ve been to that exhibition & I can admire that new skirt on you; it looks fab & is so you. And you can tell me where I can get that garden bench at your new home. 🙂

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  2. I have a £10 voucher cold for Boden which expires midnight on 21 October! Code is WV4VXXH1DEZG if you are interested 😉 That is a lovely skirt, you could wear it when you go for afternoon tea!

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  3. Darling skirt. I like all the ways they styled it on the Boden site. Hope you will share a photo of your interpretation.

    I enjoyed Flatshare with my book club. Had no idea it was being made into a movie?? Going to look that up and let the club know when we expect the movie to be released. So few good movies these days.

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    1. I plan on wearing my new skirt soon, so will have a photo taken.
      I have my fingers crossed that the dramatisation of The Flatshare will be true to the novel.


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