Me on Monday | 17 October

Brunch of champions

It was a week of sunny days with cooler temperatures.

  • I went to the salon to have my eyebrows done
  • The Brainy One was on jury service for a second week
  • I went to The Boy’s parent/teacher meeting – first one in-person for two years
  • I met a fellow autism mum for coffee and a chat about Post16 Options for our sons – it’s great to know someone locally who is experiencing the exact same thing we are right now
  • I had my hair cut
  • The Brainy One and I marked our wedding anniversary
  • We had brunch with my SiL
  • I was laid low with a bout of labyrinthitis

6 thoughts on “Me on Monday | 17 October

  1. Is TBO finding jury duty interesting? Lots of (belated) anniversary wishes. Your brunch looks healthy & yummy. And it is always a comfort to know you are not alone in your struggles with the education system or any system for that matter.

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  2. I’m so pleased you have someone who can share your experience of tracking down the right ‘next step’ for TB.
    That brunch looks delicious! I do like a ‘bits and pieces’ meal and there looks like a fantastic selection there.
    Sorry to hear you have been suffering with labyrinthitis – hope you are feeling better now.

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    1. Knowing someone locally who is having a similar experience to us has been such a help.
      That delicious brunch was whipped up by The Colombian and was indeed delicious!
      The labyrinthitis seems to be easing, thanks.


  3. Have been away from blogging for some time but hope to ease back into a little writing and reading. Had to look up a couple of things you mentioned in your post. The first was labyrinthitis. New term to me. I have always said inner ear infection. But labyrinthitis sounds prettier!! Have you had vertigo? Hope you are fully recovered very soon.

    Also unfamiliar was Post 16 Options. Although I deduced that it was probably with educational or job training options for your son. Does he have an interest in some kind of technical or vocational trade? Hope you are able to find the right direction and right fit. One of my daughters was invited (asked) to leave university because of her poor academic performance. We enrolled her in our community college and she took off. Returned to the university a few years later but had to be admitted on probation. Wound up graduating at the top of her nursing class and is a successful neonatal nurse. She always struggled educationally. I had her tested for all kinds of things – dyslexia, ADHD, ADD, reading problems…nothing definitive was ever found. All of this to say there is hope!!

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    1. Hi, lovely to see you pop up in my comments!
      The Boy is not in what is called mainstream education in the UK and has to leave his current school next summer. There are few options available to him, so it’s a case of ensuring we choose the best fit for him and then persuade Children’s Services to agree! Wish us luck!
      Thank you for the encouragement – we know that The Boy learns at his own pace and given the right support, he will do well.


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