Me on Monday | 10 October

It was an extremely busy week with lots of Life Admin, meetings and visits.

Afternoon light
  • The Brainy One began jury service
  • The Boy and I visited a 6th Form Campus
  • I had a Zoom meeting relating to The Boy
  • Frustration set in when it was proving nigh-on impossible to elicit a response from anyone at Children’s Services, either by email or by ‘phone
  • The glaziers came to change five double-glazed units
  • We received the links for the videos The Boy recorded recently. They are brilliant!
  • The Brainy One and I went out for coffee
  • The Boy attended the Aviation Education Programme
  • We met The Brother at Bicester Scramble
  • We went to a birthday party for Los Pequeños and had the best time

4 thoughts on “Me on Monday | 10 October

  1. A busy week!
    You must be so proud of TB, he’s grown into a confident, articulate young man. I do hope that you find a sixth form place for him in which he can continue to reach his potential. I also hope that Children’s Services become a little more accessible!
    Can’t think of a better way to round the week off than to celebrate birthdays!

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  2. You had an extremely busy week. 5 new windows – I can only imagine the mess of that project. Mr Man was sent the evaluation forms for jury duty, he hopes he doesn’t get picked. Lots of projects for TB. Birthdays with celebrations & cake are the best thing about getting older.

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