Learn Something New Everyday | Days 21-25

September meant that the Season of mist and mellow fruitfulness was approaching. It also meant that Shimelle was running her annual class, Learn Something New Every Day.
As with the previous few years, I’ve recorded what I learned throughout September here.

Day 21 | The Boy was asked, at short notice, to record a scripted piece to camera for an information video

Day 22 | I am way behind the curve when it come to the utterly brilliant Serial podcast

Day 23 | Deciding where The Boy will go to school Post-16 requires a new notebook

Day 24 | School email addresses don’t appear to work 😦

Day 25 | The Boy is still willing to go to the cinema with his mum to see a Rom Com

4 thoughts on “Learn Something New Everyday | Days 21-25

  1. What a compliment to be asked to do that recording, they obviously knew they could rely on him to cope with the task at short notice. Well done TB!
    I suspect that there will be more than one notebook needed for your research as you sort out the ‘pros’ and ‘cons’ of each establishment. Good luck.
    Having worked in a school office I know that some teachers will check their emails regularly and some are less diligent. Some may be filtered by the office staff! Depending on how serious the matter is I would consider copying in a member of the Senior Leadership Team or calling the school and asking for an appointment to come in and see the member of staff as they do not appear to be receiving your emails. It must be so frustrating for you, keep persevering!

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    1. We were able to sort out the email glitch and just FYI, the office ladies at school are superb! The difficulty comes with trying to contact the bods in Children’s Services.
      But we are moving forward …


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