For the Love of Books | Currently Reading September 2022

The Ink Black Heart by Robert Galbraith | Hardback | There was a lot of reading to be done! The plot revolves around a murdered game designer and a possible link to internet trolls – of which, the author has plenty of real-life, first-hand experience.

The plot was overly complicated in places, in my opinion, but what really held my attention was the changes happening in the relationship between Strike and Robin. After 8 books, will they finally get together in book 9?

Funny You Should Ask by Elissa Sussman | Kindle | Then. Twenty-something writer Chani Horowitz is stuck. While her former college classmates are nabbing high-profile book deals, all she does is churn out puff pieces. Then she’s hired to write a profile of movie star Gabe Parker: her number one celebrity crush and the latest James Bond. Now. Ten years later, after a brutal divorce and a healthy dose of therapy, Chani is back in Los Angeles as a successful writer with the career of her dreams. Except that no matter what new essay collection or online editorial she’s promoting, someone always asks about The Profile. It always comes back to Gabe. So when his PR team requests that they reunite for a second interview, she wants to say no. She wants to pretend that she’s forgotten about the time they spent together. But the truth is that Chani wants to know if those seventy-two hours were as memorable to Gabe as they were to her. And so . . . she says yes.

This was an interesting format, a fun read.

Vacationland by Meg Mitchell Moore | Kindle | This story is set in the tiny (and real) town of Owls Head, Maine and it’s a family novel that unfolds over the course of one summer and focuses on three generations of the McLean family. Every generation has its troubles at the moment—the progressing Alzheimer’s of the family patriarch, the midlife crisis and struggling marriage of the adult daughter, the adolescent woes of the kids—but the Maine house has always been a respite. The family’s precariously maintained balance is tipped when a surprise visitor shows up to the island—a love child of the family’s respected patriarch, whose existence has been kept secret for twenty-three years. All is well by summer’s end in this easy-reading tale of family secrets, forgiveness, privilege, reconciliation, and happiness.

I thought this was a great read. 🙂

7 thoughts on “For the Love of Books | Currently Reading September 2022

  1. I’ve just realised that the first book is part of the series that was a tv adaptation about Cormoran Strike. I really enjoyed that – I hadn’t realised there was a series of books. The ‘will they, won’t they’ aspect of his relationship with Robin keeps you wondering doesn’t it?
    I like the sound of Vacationland, that will definitely be going on my ‘to be read’ list!

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  2. Oh no! You gave no spoiler alert that Robin and Strike aren’t together after 8 books. And I didn’t realize that they had started the TV series either. I will have to check the latter out in the hopes that all the profanity in the books wasn’t necessary on the screen.

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      1. I was totally kidding. It is fairly predictable, if you think about it. Reminds me of several TV shows here in the states back in the 1990s, where the romances were destined to happen, but never quite did.


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