Me on Monday | 12 September

It was a week where the United Kingdom’s Elizabethan Age came to an end. 😦

  • The Boy went back to school; I went back to work
  • I tackled redecorating my office/craft room over the course of the week
  • Tilly and I were caught several times in heavy downpours
  • There was a lot more Life Admin to catch up on
  • The life of the United Kingdom changed irrevocably
  • We watched a lot of rolling news
  • We met my SiL for brunch

4 thoughts on “Me on Monday | 12 September

  1. After a start to the week of normality resuming with schools returning and routines falling back into place it ended up being a really unusual week didn’t it? There was a real sense of watching history being made. What a wonderful long life she had, and thankfully a gradual and peaceful death. My thoughts are with her family, who will being having to grieve in the spotlight of the media when probably all they are craving is privacy to mourn their loss.

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  2. It’s an end to age where we knew, with some comfort, the steadfastness of Her Majesty. Now there is an element of uncertainty, which is really difficult to pinpoint why (IMO). I am sadden to already hear the rumblings of some of the Commonwealth countries announcing plans to remove The King as head of state. An the exhaustion of some redecorating on our home front, I now tackle some of those Life Admin tasks that result in such change. 🙂

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    1. I find it distasteful that there is already talk of leaving the Commonwealth or dropping the monarch as head of state. There will time in the future for countries to make those decisions, but this week is not that time … in my opinion.

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