Summer Road Trip 2022 | Ypres | Belgium

Our first Road Trip outside of the UK since the advent of the pandemic and BREXIT – we chose the small city of Ypres (also known as Ieper) in Flanders, Belgium as our destination – a ton of British Military History, great beer and delicious chocolate. 🙂

Grote Markt, Ypres

The city of Ypres might be famous for its daily act of remembrance at the Menin Gate (more on that soon) but there is still plenty to discover and enjoy in the side streets.

Up on the city’s ramparts is a small but beautiful Commonwealth War Grave Cemetery, which overlooks the River Ieperlee.

There’s a museum right in the heart of the city.

In Flanders Fields Museum, Cloth Hall, Grote Markt, Ypres

And the restaurants serve up delicious food and beer. 🙂

6 thoughts on “Summer Road Trip 2022 | Ypres | Belgium

  1. We had friends who lived near Waterloo for a while and I remember that Paul was particularly impressed by the standard of Belgian beer, and I overindulged in the chocolate!
    I’m looking forward to hearing more about your trip. I’m sure there are some very emotional moments at Ypres.

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  2. What a blend of interesting places to visit in Ypres; some history, (OK lots of history), a tea shop, good food & beer. I’m impressed with all the signs & shops that are in English.

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  3. Only on reading this has it occurred to me that I had never really thought about the town of Ypres. I’d only ever associated it with WWI, mud and the commemorations thereof. Looks like a beautiful little place – and oh why did you have to post the last two pictures?! ;o)

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