Northern Road Trip 2022 | The Completed Journal

A humble travelers notebook and journaling/filler cards from In a Creative Bubble have made completion of this year’s Northern Road Trip quick and effective.

I took the TN with me, but didn’t write a single word of journaling while we were away; everything was added once home. I kept things simple and it all came together easily, if somewhat bulkily.

As previously mentioned, all the journaling cards are from In a Creative Bubble and I trimmed a few pages here and there for added visual interest. 

6 thoughts on “Northern Road Trip 2022 | The Completed Journal

    1. I have realised over the years that it works best for me to do the basics before we actually go away … otherwise it sits in the UFO stack.


  1. It’s a lovely memory keeper! I like the idea of a smaller, pre prepped book to record memories in. A large scrapbook page is quite daunting to me nowadays!

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  2. Brilliant. Your T/N vessel of holding adventure memories makes me want to have (any) adventures just so I could try to create something similar.

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