Me on Monday | 22 August

It was a week where I realised that we are half way through the Summer holidays.

  • It rained on Monday evening. I don’t think we have ever been so excited to see it rain! I sat on our bed with a mug of tea and watched the rain fall for about twenty minutes
  • The Boy and I went to the Museum of the Home
  • The Boy and I went to see Top Gun: Maverick again. Sometimes I just need to sit in the dark for a few hours and look at Tom 🙂
  • I donated my 37th pint of blood
  • I went to the salon to have my eyebrows done
  • The Boy had a second flight with Aerobility
  • I recommend listening to John Legend on Desert Island Discs via BBC Sounds
  • Tilly and I invited a friend to join us for an afternoon walk
  • We finalised arrangements for another Road Trip

4 thoughts on “Me on Monday | 22 August

  1. Another busy week! I can really understand that need to see the film for a second time 😉
    Isn’t it ridiculous how happy that rain made us all feel? We had to wait for Wednesday for ours but it was worth waiting for.
    I bet that second Aerobility session was thoroughly enjoyed – will this be a regular thing?

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  2. A good week indeed for all. We had about 15 minutes of rain on Sunday & I got very excited, alas too soon for that dance! Oh yes to another Areobility flight for TB. 37th Pint!!!! WOW to you along with thanks.

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