Museum of the Home

Earlier this week, The Boy and I trekked across London to Hoxton and the Museum of the Home. The Elizabeth Line cut the travelling time considerably, as we took the train to Liverpool Street and then walked the mile to the museum.

The museum, formerly known at the Geffrye Museum, explores home and home life from 1600 to the present day with galleries which ask questions about ‘home’, present diverse lived experiences, and examine the psychological and emotional relationships people have with the idea of ‘home’ alongside a series of period rooms.

After a two and a half year refurbishment the museum reopened as the Museum of the Home in Summer 2021 with a mission to reveal and rethink the ways we live, in order to live better together, and with 80 per cent more exhibition space for its collections and 50 per cent more public space.

Drawing room from 1918, where the injured soldier son is sleeping on the sofa

The museum is particularly friendly for younger children – there are lots of interactive exhibits and ‘trails’ for them to follow. There is also a reasonable café. Free to enter.

5 thoughts on “Museum of the Home

  1. What an interesting place – although I’m slightly worried that I have now reached an age where the style of my childhood is now worthy of being in a museum 😉

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  2. That would be fun to go through each room. Makes you think of how “your” home would be viewed in 100 years; what details would tell who you were, what would you want the future to know about you & what was important at home.

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