Me on Monday | 15 August

It was another extremely hot week in London.

  • We arrived home from our Northern Road Trip
  • I came down with a nasty throat infection and spent a day lolling about
  • Temperatures in London rose again to the mid-thirties
  • The Boy and I went to Apsley House – more on that soon
  • I lost a contact lens in my eye, which made for an uncomfortable few hours 😦
  • We booked the hotel for our next summer Road Trip
  • I spent most of the week when at home wearing shorts and a bikini top
  • The Brother came to visit for the weekend
  • We went for an early brunch – before the heat became too much
  • My Sister-in-Love’s dog (Tilly’s best friend 🙂 ) came to stay for an evening

4 thoughts on “Me on Monday | 15 August

  1. I hope that you are fully recovered from your throat aliment; how awful to be ill, loose a contact in the eye (been there) & dealing with extreme heat at the same time. Fun for Tilly to have a friend sleep over & for you to have your brother visit.

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  2. The heat just seems to make everything feel worse doesn’t it? I’m a bit/very squeamish about eyes so the thought of a rogue contact lens floating around gives me the creeps! Hope you are feeling better soon!

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