Slow Summer | London’s Most Haunted House

In Victorian times, 50 Berkeley Square in Mayfair was known as the most haunted house in London. It developed its fearsome reputation when a Mr. Myers was jilted at the altar and became a recluse, living alone and only leaving his tiny room at night to walk by candlelight.

Later, following the death of a maidservant, owner Captain Kentfield was also found dead, his face twisted in terror, having tried to spend a night in the room, and two sailors who broke into the house died in mysterious circumstances.

50 Berkeley Square

For many years, the building had been occupied by Maggs Bros, an antiquarian book dealer … in the above photo, you can just about make out where the company’s signage hung to the left of the front door. In the summer of 2022, the building is sadly empty and access by the public unavailable.

4 thoughts on “Slow Summer | London’s Most Haunted House

  1. I’m not sure I’d want to spend a night there! What a shame that a building like that is now empty. Maybe its reputation is deterring people from purchasing it!

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  2. Sad history of the building. Did you get any vibes from the house? I wonder if anyone has tried purging the unrestful spirit(s) of the house as in loving in back to being a place of comfort & shelter …

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