The Travelers Notebook | Northern Road Trip 2022

Our Northern Road Trip to South Lakeland is fast approaching and I will be recording the days away in a travelers notebook. The finished TN will be very similar in style to last year’s journal. All the journaling cards will be from In a Creative Bubble.

I have added reminders here and there and trimmed a few pages for added interest, but that’s about it.

I hope to complete the journaling as we go, adding the photos and a few embellishments once we are home. I’ll keep things simple in the hope that it’ll come together easily and leave me with a delightfully overstuffed journal.

4 thoughts on “The Travelers Notebook | Northern Road Trip 2022

  1. Your travel journals are always so lovely, what a good idea to get the bare bones of the book done before you leave. It must make life so much easier to journal as you go and then complete it with photos once you are home. A real before, during and after project!

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