Slow Summer | The Elizabeth Line

The Elizabeth Line, London’s newest rail line and named in honour of Her Majesty the Queen, opened its doors to passengers 24 May 2022, almost four years later than planned and apparently massively over-budget. We live not far from one of the stations on the western side of the route and were keen to see how much the line would improve travel times to East London.

We’re now made several journeys across London and it’s safe to say that we have been impressed. The rolling stock is new, the Elizabeth Line platforms are new, spacious and accessible to everyone, the price is the same as the Tube and best of all, travelling time is much, much quicker.

The Boy has stated his aim of visiting each and every station along the line. 🙂

12 thoughts on “Slow Summer | The Elizabeth Line

  1. How lovely to see a neat, clean and tidy underground station – quite different to some of those I’ve used in the past! How many stations has TB ticked off on his first visit? Will you have to find places of interest to visit for each stop? This could be quite a challenge 🙂

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    1. I’m not quite sure how/when we’ll visit every single station along the line, but at least the central London ones will be easily achievable.


  2. I wonder if the line was delayed so it could tie to Her Majesty’s Platinum Jubilee festivals? Thetraveling to each station sounds like a good goal to have while the stations are new, fresh & clean. Indeed, where are the masks? Like the royal purple colours for the line & stations 🙂

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