Slow Summer | The Tower of London in Bloom

The moat at the Tower of London has been turned into a Summer garden in honour of Her Majesty’s Platinum Jubilee. To mark that occasion, over 20 million seeds have been sown in the moat, which will grow over the course of the summer, creating a beautiful, new naturalistic landscape. Designed to attract pollinators, the hope is that ‘Superbloom’ will bring a wonderful natural beauty to this urban space and introduce a new biodiverse habitat for wildlife.

It can be viewed from a free-to-access pedestrian walkway or from down in the actual moat itself (fee payable). The Boy was prepared to send ten minutes looking down at the flowers, but nothing more.

I suspect that the recent extreme heat has had a negative effect and the overall impact is nowhere as near as powerful as Blood Swept Lands was back in 2014.

4 thoughts on “Slow Summer | The Tower of London in Bloom

  1. I was hoping you would visit & take us along. I am sure it will have lots to offer as the season & rains change. My Royal network popped up with this story when The Princess Royal visited. I read that this is now a permanent garden & that for a “small” fee you can take a slide down to the moat level & that didn’t entice TB or you (col)? I think this garden is a great idea.

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