Summer Plans 2022 | Where COVID-19 Is Still A Factor

The Summer holidays are here and Covid cases are rising again – currently one person in seventeen in England has the virus.

Yet again, I am asking the question …

How do I give The Boy a great Summer without potentially putting any of us at risk?

Like last year, the answer has actually been quite simple – we’ve made the decision to limit our exposure to large crowds and altered a number of plans.

Still on is the annual road trip to the Lakes – paid for and non-refundable. Still on are outings in town – where we’ll book the first slot of the day to avoid the crowds. Still on are Slow Summer outings – where we’ll probably be the only ones out and about.

We are going nowhere near an airport or a ferry terminal, although we do currently have a booking for Eurotunnel. If the situation at Folkestone doesn’t improve in the next week or so, we will change our booking to later in the year.

We will wear masks when using the Tube or a bus, although we’ve been doing this since the pandemic began.

Have you altered your plans this summer?

4 thoughts on “Summer Plans 2022 | Where COVID-19 Is Still A Factor

  1. It sounds like you have made very sensible plans – we can’t stay shut up in our homes forever, but we can minimise our risk when we go out. Hopefully your Eurotunnel plans will be ok, let’s hope that after the headlines about the queues over this weekend will result in action being taken. Clearly having to check and stamp everyones passports at the border now we are no longer part of Europe is taking longer than they anticipated.
    Enjoy the summer!

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    1. The stamping of passports does seem bonkers when you consider that the UK Border Force isn’t stamping passports of EU nationals on arrival into the UK.


  2. Your plans sound like a perfect adaptation to the current COVID risk. At least the road trip you can control who is in the car, etc. We haven’t stopped wearing our masks indoors, not since first required in June of 2020 (OM, has it been that long!!) We have a few plans for the summer but none require public transit, crowds or indoor venues. Our Return to meeting with friends is still an outdoor event, only with one other couple at a time, either on our patio or theirs, sticking to 6 feet apart. There has been only one cancelled event (so far).

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    1. I think that we should do what feels right for us and not be pressured into behaving in a way that makes us uncomfortable.
      We are drawing up Plan B incase we decide to rearrange our Eurotunnel travel.


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