Me on Monday | 25 July

A week of record temperatures and the start of the Summer holidays. 🙂

  • I purchased end of year gifts for staff at The Boy’s school
  • Our bit of West London hit 40C at 15.00 hours on Tuesday, 19 July
  • I purchased new school uniform while it had 20% off
  • The Boy had his feet measured and new school shoes were purchased
  • All three of us had haircuts
  • The Boy and I wandered the Mayfair Art Trail
  • The Boy and I went book browsing in the military history section of Hatchard’s
  • We met my Sister-in-Love to walk our dogs together and have lunch
  • We went for brunch

6 thoughts on “Me on Monday | 25 July

  1. Sounds like an excellent start to the school summer break. Like Britain, we have finally had a break in the high tempts & humidity. I’m rather excited to find out what other activities are planned for your summer break! It’s how I do my adventures these days (col).

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  2. Thank goodness this week has seen a drop in temperatures!
    The Mayfair art trail looks interesting, thank you for giving us the tour.
    Funny how shops time their ‘back to school’ offers at exactly the same time that schools break up for the summer!

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