Weekday Walk | The Mayfair Art Trail 2022

South Molton Street

The Boy and I walked the streets of Mayfair recently, following this year’s Art Trail. It has to be said that it was quite a frustrating 90 minutes – many of the installations didn’t appear to be where the map said they would be, it was quite peoplely and it was humid.

Here’s a few images of the installations we did find.

The above sculptures can be find in Berkeley Square until the end of July. The artist is quoted as saying, “I am attacking the senses from different directions, one rises out of the depths and one has fallen from the sky.”

Nourish by Michael Speller

Speller’s installation can be found on Old Bond Street until the end of July. This piece apparently explores the balance between conflicting forces and emotions. The Uber, random pedestrian and just glimpsed bag of rubbish only enhance the piece, wouldn’t you say … 🙂

Wet Labyrinth by Christina Ingesias

The above piece is in the courtyard of the Royal Academy on Piccadilly. Made of slate, stainless steel, resin and a hidden closed water mechanism, the piece encourages the viewer to walk through it (takes all of about 5 seconds). Unfortunately the recent extremely hot weather has attracted bees in search of water, so enter at your own risk.

Selfie by Andy Denzler

This bronze sculpture can be found outside 63, New Bond Street until the end of July. The artist had an idea to depict the millennial generation lost inside the dream world of .jpg images and this piece is apparently reflecting on whether it is possible to bridge together polar opposites: real and online worlds.

3 thoughts on “Weekday Walk | The Mayfair Art Trail 2022

  1. An interesting walk among the pieces. The partially buried head is probably the only one I could live with, (in my garden). I’ve never claimed to understand a lot of art pieces … 🙂

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