Me On Tuesday | 12 July

It was a week of WFT in British politics. 🙂

  • Tilly and I went to the pub to meet friends for drinks
  • I arranged to meet another autism-mum for a cuppa next week – strength in numbers
  • The makings of the bespoke bookcase were delivered
  • The weather was fantastic!
  • I learnt that the installation of the bookcase would be delayed by a day
  • We met my sister-in-love to walk our dogs and have lunch
  • The Boy and I went to see the superb Elvis at the cinema and highly recommend it

2 thoughts on “Me On Tuesday | 12 July

  1. Very pretty flowers – cornflowers? Lots of social times to encourage & buoy one another up. Hopefully by the end of this week the bookcase will have been delivered & installed (I’m itching to see the reveal of the library).

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