Road Trip Jersey 2022 | Corbière Lighthouse

Causeway to Corbière Lighthouse

Corbière Lighthouse was erected in 1874 and was the first one in the British Isles to be made from reinforced concrete. Weather permitting, the light can be seen from a distance of up to 18 miles (29kms).

Sadly the lighthouse isn’t open to the public. At mid to low tide you can cross the causeway, but check tide tables and heed any sirens!

4 thoughts on “Road Trip Jersey 2022 | Corbière Lighthouse

  1. You can understand why they needed to build a lighthouse there if those rocks are completely hidden by the tide! I have a friend who lives on Mersea Island which is just off the Essex coast and they have to consult their tide timetables whenever they go out to make sure they can get home when they want !

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    1. Yes once the tide is in, it is amazing to think about all those hidden rocks. What a feat of engineering to build the lighthouse in the first place.


  2. Oh the tales that lighthouse could tell & probably most are not of wild at sea rescues of ships crashing on those rocks, or near misses, but tales of the many that don’t heed their surroundings or the siren & of the heroes that tried to rescue such wanderers. Very interesting place to visit.

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