Road Trip Jersey 2022 | The Completed Journal

And it’s finished.

Initially I thought there would be a lot of spare pages at the rear of the book, but it seems that I’ve timed it to perfection and finished recording our trip on the very last page. 🙂

Trimming some of the journal’s pages worked out well – they definitely add definition and interest to the overall look.

All the cards and embellishments are from In a Creative Bubble and I really like how they look on the finished pages.

I also really like how crumpled some of the pages are beginning to look. A journal is supposed to be used and then then thumbed through. 🙂

I think I’ve already mentioned that I actually ordered the incorrect journal initially, but it turned out to be serendipitous. I may use this size journal again for our Summer memories.

11 thoughts on “Road Trip Jersey 2022 | The Completed Journal

  1. You certainly made perfect use of the new size of journal with lots of wonderful memories. Serendipitous is a favourite word, it wraps within itself, possibilities.

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  2. This journal looks like notebooks we call composition books. I used them with kids for research. Each 2-page spread was a research report on a different subject. Great size for all kinds of projects. Including capturing vacation memories. Question: Do you print the photos on computer printer paper or on photography paper?

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