Recording 2022’s One Little Word | Redefine | May

There was only one contender to show how we had redefined something in May to make it work for us, and that was when The Boy and I went into town to see the Jubilee decorations.

I don’t have any specific British-themed embellishments, so I used stickers from Doodlebug’s Land That I Love range, which I felt worked quite well. The design is one I adapted from an example from this month’s offering on the PageMaps website.

4 thoughts on “Recording 2022’s One Little Word | Redefine | May

  1. Very nice. I often use Page Maps as a jumping off point for a layout. Doodle Bug’s collection worked well for you.

    And speaking of scrapping & story telling, are you going to do this year’s W.I.T.L. along with Ali? I’ve been watching her prep uTubes this week to glean any inspiration. At this late date I’m still on the fence.

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  2. I see that you have used a stamper to note the date. Great idea. I often feel like I need to spell the date of the day I am scrapbooking in big bold numbers. But I like the idea of subtly including it on the side instead. Lovely page. I like the patriotic colors complimented by the aqua blue.

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